Apr 21

The Benefits Of Using Gluten Free Skincare Products


Our complexions say a lot about the things we eat and apply to our bodies. The cause of celiac disease, for example, is the abnormal reaction of the body’s immune system to gluten. The consumption of foods that contain this substance is also believed to cause dermatitis herpetiformis, which is described as an itchy blistering rash that is generally associated with the celiac disease.

Those who have celiac disease should, therefore, eliminate the consumption of gluten because consuming even the smallest amounts of this substance can trigger severe symptoms such as bloating and belly pain. Even if you don’t test positive for the celiac disease, you can benefit from going gluten-free especially if you have gluten intolerance or sensitivity.

There are many ways to go gluten-free, with one of them being the use of skin care products that are free from this chemical. Interestingly, albeit a lot of things get absorbed through our skin, gluten is not one of them because its molecules are larger than the skin pores. The only way they can get through is if you have open lesions or wounds on your skin to allow them to enter your blood stream.

The skin care products that don’t contain gluten helps you extinguish the chances of consuming this harmful substance. When you use products that contain it, you might end up ingesting it through your mouth. Your lip gloss, for example, may get down in small amounts, creating a possibility of causing a reaction. And as the day goes by, you consume more of your lip balm or lipstick than you might realize.

When you apply lotion on your hands and afterwards use them to eat, you will most probably down small amounts of the product especially if you don’t wash them properly. If you use face creams that have gluten, there is a probability that the product will drip down into your mouth once you start sweating or when washing your face.

Children who suck on their fingers or those who don’t know how to rinse their hands, mouth or wash their hair properly have high chances of swallowing some portions of the products applied to their skin. To ensure that your health is not compromised, any lip product, lotion or any other product you choose should always be free of gluten.

Gluten free skin care products moisturize without irritating. Apart from ingestion, applying products that contain gluten is another way this substance can irritate your body. Some people may develop skin problems when they use various creams that contain it. Others may develop an itchy contact rash or an eczema flare up.

You could also be allergic to gluten or its other ingredients such as Triticum durum, wheat amino acids, Avena sateva, Triticum carthlicum among others. Gluten free skin care products are quite handy in ensuring that you don’t suffer from such conditions.

To help you maintain your skin health, ensure that you avoid gluten in your personal care products by reading the labels correctly for any signs of gluten, and buying from trustable brands only.

Jan 03

Importance of Purchasing a Gluten Free Testosterone Booster When You Have Celiac Disease


If you are suffering from celiac disease, it is important to read and understand the ingredients used in many of the testosterone boosters because the correct combination can help you achieve the desired results you’re exactly looking for: Increasing the production of testosterone within the body.

Gluten free male testosterone boosters excludes the protein gluten. Gluten is normally found in grains such as rye, wheat, and barley. Since gluten causes inflammation in the small intestines of people with celiac disease, purchasing a gluten free testosterone booster will help control the signs and symptoms, as well as prevent other complications.

The current industry is full of misinformation and proprietary supplements which claim to naturally enhance testosterone levels. As a matter of fact, they can leave your wallet lighter and testosterone level completely unchanged. Therefore, before you purchase any testosterone booster, ensure that it is gluten free. Here are the most common and widely used gluten free male testosterone booster ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid which typically offers numerous health benefits as well as increases testosterone level. It normally operates in the central brain region; therefore responsible for releasing hormones including the growth hormone and also plays part in supporting the production and release of important sex hormones in the body.

B-complex vitamins

The ingredients usually play an essential role in converting food into energy. B-complex vitamins increase testosterone levels by improving fat and protein metabolism, which is essential in the production of sex hormones. The vitamins also provide you with more energy and enable you to carry out your daily activities effectively and more often.


Ginseng is a supplement which helps improve the energy levels and alertness, enabling you to achieve more effective workouts. This is usually achieved by promoting the production of more testosterone in the body.


This ingredient typically possesses numerous health benefits. It has so many characteristics that help the male species. Fenugreek is generally accepted as one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and libido boosters known to man, and it is also strongly linked to natural testosterone boosting.


It is an essential ingredient that aids successful muscle growth and health. It is one of the most well understood supplements that promote testosterone production significantly. Zinc also boosts the production of dopamine, which is essential in reducing the stress levels during intense workouts and is an important element to your prostate health.

Oyster extract

Oyster extract is a famous aphrodisiac which contain insanely high levels of zinc. Basically, the effectiveness of oyster extract is due the high level of zinc it contains, and zinc is well known as an essential component that boosts the production of testosterone within the body.

Vitamin D3

This is an important vitamin more than just a sunshine vitamin, which should be ingested on a daily basis and not just for promoting the production of testosterone. Vitamin D3 deficiency can become a great threat if left unchecked, particularly when it comes to low testosterone levels. This vitamin regulates several functions such as hormone secretion, growth, fertility and sexual function.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is one of the most vital nutrients in the body for producing testosterone. It works by suppressing estrogen and therefore increases the production level of the male hormone.

Mucuna Pruriens

It is an ingredient which is a rich source of L-Dopa, a precursor to dopamine. Basically, dopamine is neurotransmitter that helps improve mood and happiness. Additionally, it also triggers the body to increase the production of testosterone.


This ingredient is well known to boost the testosterone levels, particularly when supplemented with zinc. Any man with celiac disease and who wants to boost his testosterone levels should ensure that Selenium is included in his supplement stack.

Tongkat Ali

It has numerous benefits in regards to male enhancement and there are a number studies that clearly indicate positive results in terms of boosting the testosterone levels.

When purchasing a testosterone booster, make sure that some, if not all of these ingredients are included. In fact, when you take each of these male testosterone booster ingredients that are common among many testosterone booster supplements, you’ll be able to determine the ones which offer the best results, based on their ingredients formulation.