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What does Ceela mean when our skin care creams & lotions include the word “Naturals” in its name besides being Vegan, Soy, Gluten and Nut free?

 We mean you can eat it safely.

Pure and simple. If we would not eat it, we will not put it in our skin care creams. We could re-label these natural products and sell them as nutritional supplements.

Are Chemicals Natural?

Yes and No. Chemicals can be our friend or our enemy:
Gasoline is part of nature but we do not consider it “Natural.”
The Chemicals put in a baby formula for bottle feeding  help babies grow. We consider these  “Natural” because humans can use the chemicals to grow and prosper.

We as human beings have a capacity to use certain chemicals like fats and proteins to build and maintain our bodies.  According to World Health Organization research the average adult needs at least 30 grams of protein per day,  about 3 grams every day for your skin. You also need about 50 grams of fat daily, at least 5 grams are used to maintain and replace your skin. Collagen, an important support protein of skin is 30% glycine. Applying Ceela skin care creams to your skin twice a day delivers all this nutrition to  your skin. Healthy well nourished skin remains the most attractive aspect of beauty.

Your skin needs the right nutrition.

Applying collagen, an animal product, cannot nourish your skin because skin lacks the enzymes to digest it. While Glycine, a amino acid, helps skin build collagen. Your skin can use glycine to build collagen, no digestion needed.

Palm oil and Coconut oils are absorbed and used by your body. They contain short-chained fatty acids. When you eat short-chained fatty acids your cholesterol rises and you contribute to obesity and atherosclerosis. There is no reason not expect that putting these on your skin would contribute to serious health problems. Ask any physician with nutrition training. It is a standard practice that Bariatric physicians (“fat” doctors) tell their patients “no skin care creams or lotions with short-chained fatty acids.” Long chained poly-unsaturated fatty acids help people lose weight, lower cholesterol and reduce heart disease. We deliver these with all Ceela Naturals skin care creams and lotions.